Fruit battery-structure of one direction,2014

Fruit battery-structure of one direction,
copper pipe concrete fruits copper clips zinc plate, variable dimension, 2014

5 days lather

Elephant in the room, Hanmi gallery,18 Jul- 3Aug, 2014

Title: <Elephant in the room> Hanmi Gallery is pleased to present Elephant in the Room—an exhibition of multi-sensory sculptures by theSouth-Korean artist Jeehee Park. Park investigated the hi... » 내용보기

The reserch of lace curtain in Aylesbury Estate,2014

The reserch of lace curtain in Aylesbury Estate, Laser cutting on Acrylic pannel, 1180x780x30 mm, 2014Detail » 내용보기

Drawing, 2014

Drawing, copper tape zinc plate copper sulaite marinated paper , 2014the begging of activate 4 hours later,Detail, » 내용보기

Parasitic baterry-studio 17, 2014

Parasitic baterry-studio 17, fruits zinc plate copper clips, variable dimension, 2014 » 내용보기