The Tomorrow people, 1st-31st August 2014, Forman's Fish Island

1st-31st August 2014

6-10pm Fri 1st, 12-6pm Sat 2nd & Sun 3rd. Then 12-5pm Thu & Fri by appointment & 12-5pm Sat and Sun.
Forman’s Fish Island, Stour Road, London, E3 2NT


Now in its 7th year, The Tomorrow People offers a platform to the most exciting emerging artists, supporting transgressive new work, including installation, sculpture, photography, painting, performance, and video. This year, the featured artworks operate between the poles of pleasure/desire and grotesque/abject. They force the viewer to contemplate these relations within the works of art themselves, and even within their own experience of viewing.

Works include a fruit battery sculpture by Jeehee Park, intimate photographs of strangers by Hemya Moran, a power ballad to the sea by Rebecca Moss, abstracted pamphlet paintings by Trasi Henen, a human on stilts by Gretchen Geraets, a sculptural video by Bryony Hussey, and a balloon performance by Florence Lam.

Elevator Gallery is an artist run space, which showcases work that is innovative and thought provoking. The gallery is committed to exhibiting artists at all stages of their career. As well as regular exhibitions of international contemporary art the gallery has a regular programme of live art, cinema and musical events.

Fruit battery-structure of one direction,2014

Fruit battery-structure of one direction, copper pipe concrete fruits copper clips zinc plate, variable dimension, 2014 5 days lather           Hanm... » 내용보기

Elephant in the room, Hanmi gallery,18 Jul- 3Aug, 2014

Title: <Elephant in the room> Hanmi Gallery is pleased to present Elephant in the Room—an exhibition of multi-sensory sculptures by theSouth-Korean artist Jeehee Park. Park investigated the hi... » 내용보기

The reserch of lace curtain in Aylesbury Estate,2014

The reserch of lace curtain in Aylesbury Estate, Laser cutting on Acrylic pannel, 1180x780x30 mm, 2014Detail » 내용보기

Drawing, 2014

Drawing, copper tape zinc plate copper sulaite marinated paper , 2014the begging of activate 4 hours later,Detail, » 내용보기